Thank you for your sparkles & dancing
last Sunday. See you after summer!

What if we...


On Sunday October 6th 2024
Time: 16.00-22.00
Location: De Huiskamer, Groningen

Bring the most radiant version of yourself & enjoy delicious food, good company and groovy HOUSE tunes! Let's dance together!


🎵 DJs Doornroosje & Strano
🎨 Voorpret-corner & photo booth
👯 Alter à Go Performances
🍽️ Delicious FOOD

What if we...

What if we...

...allow ourselves to play again better carry the daily grind not take ourselves too seriously tune in to an open & curious mind dare to take up space move our bodies without hesitation feel connected with our inner world shine from the inside outwards be every part of ourselves
...and dance to the luscious sound of House music

start the week on Sunday &
dance to remember, not to forget


To keep your inner sparkle sparkling


AKA - pre-fun! No hurry. Store your jacket. Take a moment to switch off. Change your clothes. Add some extra glitter. Grab your first drink. Feel your mood shift and, when you’re ready, make your first dance moves and become the Sparkle & Dance vibe.Coming straight from somewhere else? Don’t have enough sparkle in your collection? Need some help of advice? We’ve got your covered!With our Voorpret-booth we're bringing glitter, outfit-enhancers, a dash of facepaint and an extra bag of compliments to get you started.

'Voorpret' starts at home

Dive into your closet and dig out the garments you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Something colourful, with prints or glitter.This is your sign, wear it!
💃🏻 Dare to mix and match.
🕺🏾 Feel the joy of dressing up (or down).
🌈 Put on that lipstick or guyliner.
🪩 Braid your hair. Wear that hat.

✨ Come join us on the dance floor in your most radiant outfit.✨

No need to wait for the event - Voorpret starts now!
Here’s some outfits and music to inspire you:

Who's that Sparkle?

It's me! Caro.
Co-founder of the renowned Nightclub IIWII (The Big Building) and Sundays Are For Dancing parties (SAFD) in Groningen, NL.

Play • Lightness • Abundance

I created What If We... Sparkle & Dance for adults to gather in a playful environment. A place where we can take off our 'daily corset' and, just for a few hours, feel lighter from all the responsibilities we carry during the week.I invite you to come to this space with an open and curious mindset. Please don't take yourself too seriously ;-) and dare to connect on a deeper level with ourselves and eachother.By practicing this playful mindset and allowing play to be a vital part of life, we will start to feel the difference in our daily life. When challenges occur and problems can sometimes feel overwhelming, through play we will now cultivate the skills and compassion to think more creatively, feel your body response better and be kinder to ourselves and others around you.

Creative Spark?

Are you a maker, a do-er, a performer, a visual artist, a DJ and would you like to contribute to Sparkle & Dance?

What if we...

Dance to remember, not to forget

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